sferico sferico sferico sferismo sferismo spherism

Sferico “Love” Statuary marble

“Through a language of extreme formal synthesis, Sferico avails himself of the mere human body as an expression of knowledge.”

sferico sferico sferico sferismo sferismo spherism

Sferico “Eternity” Pilot draft for a monumental sculpture.

“With Sferico, pureness of form enters into syntony with the subconscious to bring to the surface latent intuitions.”

sferico sferico sferico sferismo sferismo spherism

Sferico "The Angel of the Apocalypse" 100cm. mixed technique and sanded mineral finish

"Art should ennoble man not denigrate it."



Sferico’s style equates with line, the drawing in the structural skeleton closed to the intuition that gives from to the idea.


If nowadays the artistic act is parcelled out in a scission between concept and matter in a broad sense, Spherism unifies thought and deed.


We would like to thank Galleries, Foundations and Sponsors who guarantee and allow Sferico’s culture to reach the public.


Catalogues and leaflets contain work and thought. Books as black box. Sferico has a tight writing style capable of placing the reader at the centre of a creative adventure.


The plasticity of the measured form of a long work of research in formal synthesis result in “visual functionality” rendering Sferico’s work unique. (FURNISHINGS JEWELLERY ARCHITECTURE)


Sferico divides his time between marble quarries in Vietnam working on large sculptures in stone, Italian foundries and a new project of monumental works in new generation light materials, working without pause, with periods of retreat in painting.


Interviews and articles on Sferico. They wrote about him: “Spherical effervescent in the invention of types and genres, inventive also in techniques, learned in direct experimentation …”


Idealis and adolescent marked by a precocious dedication to art as a mission.

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