BUILDING SITE The artistic act as a journey back to infancy and to regain its lost beauty through the sweat of hard work. After the first artistic impulse in the magma of a clayey mass one begins a long constructive-restructive research in the studio. To begin work means finding a block of marble suitable for the purpose. Sferico cuts into the stone as if into the belly of the earth to unite matter with space.

Calibrated geometry of liquid forms drawn from the marble block using the three orthographic projections and continual measurement and reconnaissance of the draft, with the constant risk of losing everything. The challenge is to arrive at the surface which delineates the border, intended as a zone of equilibrium between the subjective ego and the world which, if reached, will be a place of the imaginary.

“The instant of the big bang” Statuary marble 

“Open work” on the vast scene of creation being readied for the human project. The force of the winds models the waves, it seems the human draft awaits the command, in fact the oxygen mask denotes an unattained respiratory autonomy. Liquid state like primordial soup in the perfect instant when all coincides and everything is possible, but also like human characteristics in symbiosis with a greater reality and subject or constant mutation and interchange. Water as matter of inquiry into the mystery contained within the first man, the existential question of the why of existence.

Sferico’s work focuses on Man as the central figure of the universe. His artistic and humanistic research delves to the roots in the fertile humus of origin,an inquiry into that certain something contained inside of everything.

The city of Opatia in Croatia has with the aid of a sponsor commissioned a large work in white marble in the main square. Sferico is now working on the production of his statues in monumental scale using the latest materials.

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