He was born in a village in the hills away from the sea, where he was able to dream and internalize the first steps of life with a precocious artistic experimentation. Eclectic idealist with an adolescence marked by dedication to art as a mission, yet fifteen sculpted the statue “Family” and paints the philosophical framework “by God …” signing Sferico.

Spended his holidays working in archaeological excavations in Egypt and Israel into a logbook, saved pages will be included in the publication “Sketchblock.” Began the study of architecture, are frantic six years where he spends his nights painting and sculpting. 

Begins a veritable odyssey of adventures and misadventures typical of that ‘age, his partner Melanie Moore portrayed in the novels “Flesh moon”, “Days of Sand”, “Adrenaline” and “Angels of asphalt”. Arrives in Paris, and lasts ranks first group exhibitions at the Grand Palais, galleries (Galerie Vendome, Galerie du Palais Royal) following museums (Museum of Contemporary Art of Moscow, Tretyakov) and Biennial of contemporary sculpture of the city of Paris. Published the first volume of “Spherism” presented by Nobel prize Sir John Eccles (Tranchida). 

After studying architecture, Düsseldorf Academy, a private Milan and Venice; restless, as defined by Wing Violence, partly handled at a time hitchhiking trips to museums and monuments to understand the story in his subject directly.

Prestigious events are sponsored by the Emir of sculpture Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Education and Scientific Research, are set up in the UAE. Among the books written by Sferico “Beat Hunting”, “Sketchblock” and “Hieroglyphics the last time” translated into English, starting collaborations with weekly targeting youth in project “Sferismo & Painting Philosophy”.

The city of Opatija, in Croatia has just placed through a big sponsor of the white marble on the main square. Sferico is divided between sites marble of Vietnam where he creates large sculptures in marble and basalt, French and Italian foundries, and a new project on a monumental scale sculptures with lightweight materials of the latest generation. My sculpture is the site of the border made from a long creative research between the self-destructive imagery and space. The power of love gives wings to the matter, while the cult of death Today the annihilates the bad.

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