Philosophical Painting conceived by Sferico is a story structured by volumes and metaphysical perspectives where color and chiaroscuro merge for an attempt at balance.

Sferico “The future of the world” 125x90cm, oil and amber on canvas

Sferico “The persistence of life” 135x90cm, oil and amber on canvas

Sferico “The original sin” 130x130cm, oil, amber and gold sequin on canvas


The contemporary world, based on images developed by psychological criteria and special effects, has reduced the imaginative power of the individual. In Sferico one has the process inverted, that is, the artistic act not as personal affirmation , but open to the creative intuition of the viewer, of that which the artist himself presents.


The philosophic painting conceived by Sferico is the representation of a wide panorama where structures and symbolic figures are related within an allegorical tale. 


The sfumato is obtained using fine brushes in a series of strokes causing matter to rarify in the shading. In Sferico’s pictorial world chiaroscuro follows the constructive logic of the line forming the volumes, the light is intrinsic to the object and because of this projected shadows are rare, as in the Byzantine period where figures are sillhouetted on the background, while with the structures the light serves to accelerate and to structure space into symbolic values.

Color, the art’s blood

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