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Sferico “The future of the world” 125x90cm, oil and amber on canvas - A very distant light source radiates from infinity the immaterial substance of the clouds, handed down from genesis in a rosy auroral phenomenon that draws on a future almost at hand. The sky is background, not place. The strategy of the volumes, accelerated by multiple perspectives, create pathways in a symbolic mould, where the combination of colour and light provides dynamics from a point of view of visual functionality. The characters are positioned according to a logical intuitive geometry which regulates their movements, the curved lines reinforce or contrast the lines of force. The absence of projected shadows lends to the work the characteristics of a world in suspension, where each figure enjoys and emanates its own light, in memory of the luminous source. The imposing wall raises itself in defence of Eden, its colour recalling the blood of the biblical lamb. The framework of the piece is divided into three principal areas: the land of paradise is the largest, though obscured by the bulk of the wall. The light diminishes from left to right, progressively closing off the spaces.
sferico sferico sferico sferismo sferismo spherism
Sferico “The persistence of life” 135x90cm, oil and amber on canvas - The original nucleus opens and multiplies into several dimensions, in a metaphysical projection which investigates an hypothetical world of the afterlife, but it's nothing but a fleeting moment. The lines of force push upwards, all straining for that unknown something that lies behind all things and which every man senses. The isometric framework underlines, with the parallels, the non-ending of things. If modern man veils death behind a mirror, Sferico shatters it to go beyond the image with the imaginary and a greater depth of field.
sferico sferico sferico sferismo sferismo spherism
Sferico “The original sin” 130x130cm, oil, amber and gold sequin on canvas - The flourishing garden of Eden leaves the scene to a soil seared by the original sin, but on the surface appear fossil remains, like holes in which is deposited and preserved the DNA of the seeds that god sows everywhere. The predominance of terrestrial surfaces push the sky improbably upwards in a compression that flows into a sombre twilight shading. The edenic water is polluted and purified, remaining the same as on the first day, assuming therefore symbolic valency of the unconditional love of god. The water is that which acts as binder in the unfolding of the ongoing story, even by its absence in the aridity of the soil. Out of apparent chaos pathways make their way through the dynamic of clues and connections which provide coordinates and allow them to move within the map of the complex story and decipher its sense. Destiny of a raft that navigates the ocean of space.

PHILOSOPHIC PAINTING The philosophic painting conceived by sferico is the representation of a wide panorama where structures and symbolic figures are related within an allegorical tale.

IMAGES AND THE LOST IMAGINATIVE The contemporary world, based on images developed by psychological criteria and special effects, has reduced the imaginative power of the individual. In Sferico one has the process inverted, that is, the artistic act not as personal affirmation , but open to the creative intuition of the viewer, of that which the artist himself presents.

SFERIST SHADING The sfumato is obtained using fine brushes in a series of strokes causing matter to rarify in the shading. In sferico’s pictorial world chiaroscuro follows the constructive logic of the line forming the volumes, the light is intrinsic to the object and because of this projected shadows are rare, as in the Byzantine period where figures are sillhouetted on the background, while with the structures the light serves to accelerate and to structure space into symbolic values.

Color, the art’s blood

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